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Currently live in: Boulder, CO

Previously from: A town located in the Broceliande forest (the one where Merlin & King Arthur used to live) in Brittany, France.

Personal Motto/Inspiration: Look forward to this moment when everything will feel good and shiny.

How long have you been a runner? I have played soccer for 12 years in France, then had an ACL surgery in my right knee (it broke like a chicken leg). I was not so very active for 4 years (a bit of road biking) and boom: trail running since the summer of 2013, but just a tiny bit at the beginning (once a week). I loved hiking the CO trails and my roommate once told me: Oh you should come running up & down these trails with me! I thought he was joking at the time but then realized it was actually so much fun. Then, I gradually cranked up my amount of running from one to two and three runs a week over a year. Since mid January 2015 (the moment I started running with the RMR), I got fully addicted and now can’t find some good sleep without my run a day!

Happiest running moment: There has been so many since I run with the RMR! Seing a smile during a run makes it a good one for me, so you can imagine that I had some good times with these wonderful people wearing green jerseys! If I have to choose one, I would say any morning run during which I get to see the sun rise. It’s like entering a pristine world. The trails are so calm & quiet at these times. It also makes it so worth the early morning wake up.

Proudest running accomplishment: My credo is to always look forward, for better that can be most of the times achieved. Finishing third overall on my first 50k, that was also my first race ever was really cool and enjoyable, but I’d be fully proud of myself the moment I can keep up with Mr Ryan Smith the whole time on a long run. Because he doesn’t really get tired on the course of a long run.

Favorite local running route: Either going up Sanitas via the Red Rocks, Sunshine Canyon and the back side trail of the mount from my house (Arapahoe & Folsom) or to Realization Point (and the so cool view you get on the Range view trail), also starting from my house. Any route/trail shared with a RMR is cool & enjoyable.

Favorite distance: My longest run is 35 miles so far, but I have the feeling that if I continue to hang out with these people of bad influence, it might get longer. The longer the better right Greg?

Favorite race: Behind the Rocks Ultra is my first and only race so far (Dirty thirty & the Mount Evans ascent are coming soon), but how pretty that was: red rocks on one side of the trail, white peaks on the other. It was like running in a postcard.

If you could lace up your shoes and go for a run anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I would say British Columbia I think. Wet, muddy and humid trails are kinda my thing. Brittany is pretty much like this. BC would bring technical trails in addition to that from what I could picture!

Goals: Continue to become a better runner, but mostly keep and carry with me all I’ve learned since I run on trails & hang out with this community of great people. Some people like to mention a thing or a moment that have changed their lives. In my case, all these moments shared with the RMR made me realize what is worth living and putting some energy into.

When I’m not running I’m… trying to be a chemist, resting & spending time with other friends.

Uphills or Downhills? The uphills are there in my mind for the effort, the vision of the guy (usually Ryan S. or Victor) you’re trying to catch and the reward tagging a summit represents. The downhills are made to go crazy (also sprain a few ankles during the winter time) and shorten the moment when you’ll get food & drinks.

Favorite post-run beer: FYIPA with no hesitation. Another pitcher please!

Sponsored by: anybody’s smile

I am a Rocky Mountain Runner because… How much more rad than this can it get? You should try it, I’m sure you’ll understand!

Bonus:I also speak French & love Gelato!


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