Sandi Nypaver

Currently live in: Boulder, CO

Previously from: Parma Heights, Ohio

Personal Motto/Inspiration: Always be kind and follow what makes you happy.

How long have you been a runner? I loved running since I was a kid but just looked at it as a way to stay in shape for basketball. I remember doing 2hr runs with my sister, Rachel, in 6th grade though! In 2009 I was selected to be a youth ambassador for Impossible2Possible‘s first youth expedition to the Akshayuk Pass in Baffin Island. The expedition’s guide’s were made up of amazing ultra runners like Jen Seggar, Marshall Ulrich, and Ray Zahab. Between their crazy stories, trekking for 10 days in the arctic (I had never done anything even close to that before!), and having a wonderful expedition team that made me believe in myself, I knew my life would never be the same. I went back to college, quit my basketball team, and shortly after signed up for a 100 mile trail race.

Happiest running moment: Running with my twin sister, Rachel, during my first 100. She was the only one I knew at the time who didn’t think I was crazy. We had no idea what we were doing, our lights died and it was my first time running in the dark, but we had a great time and I ended up winning.

Proudest running accomplishment: Learning to enjoy running even when I wasn’t feeling very fast or successful.

Favorite local running route: Bear Canyon

Favorite distance: Currently 50 miles though I’ll always have a special place in my heart for 100 miles.

Favorite race: Mountain Masochist (ask me again and I may have changed my mind already)

If you could lace up your shoes and go for a run anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I have no idea- too many beautiful mountains all over the world that I haven’t been to and need to explore.

Dreams: To master the art of running like a dog, following what makes me happy for the rest of my life, and doing what good I can in the world.

When I’m not running I’m… Reading (total bookworm at heart), painting, roller blading… this list is going to be way to long if I don’t stop there!

Uphills or Downhills? I love a good uphill but I really appreciate a nice downhill after working hard on a long climb!

Favorite post-run beer: New Planet Tread Lightly

Sponsored by: Hammer Nutrition, UGO Bars, Ultimate Direction

I am a Rocky Mountain Runner because… There’s not much better than great trails shared with awesome people.


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