Jessica Oldham

Currently live in: Boulder, CO

Previously from: grew up in Kansas City but was living in Washington DC for the last 7 years or so.

How long have you been a runner? I started running in high school, transitioned mainly to triathlons while living in DC, and now that I’m lucky enough to call Colorado home…all I want to do is run these trails. and, that’s pretty much what I’m doing!

Happiest running moment: I have so many great memories from my high school XC team, so it has been just awesome to start coaching at Fairview HS this past year and give back a bit to those just discovering the sport.

Favorite local running route: Betasso Preserve and Centennial Cone are high on my list. Also hard to beat the views along Goshawk Ridge & Doudy Draw.

Favorite distance: really enjoying the marathon distance right now

If you could lace up your shoes and go for a run anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I’ve always wanted to take a RUNcation through the French and Swiss Alps, and I’ll get to do just that with a certain other RMR this summer…cannot wait! Jasper NP next?

Dreams: I want to be one of those 80-year-old women still ripping up trails and getting out to explore!

When I’m not running I’m… …prepping physiology lectures, creating training plans for my endurance athletes, or doing my best to finish up a PhD in kinesiology!

Uphills or Downhills? Up! Technical descents are my nemeses…working on it!

Favorite post-run beer: just about anything sipped on Southern Sun’s patio, facing the mountains

I am a Rocky Mountain Runner because… jaw-dropping Colorado trails + awesome people + beer = 🙂


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