Greg Salvesen

Currently live in: Boulder, CO

Previously from: Andover, MA (home town); Ann Arbor, MI (school)

Personal Motto/Inspiration: Avoid real life for as long as possible.

How long have you been a runner? I ran on my own here and there in high school and college. I did a trail half marathon in Michigan the summer before moving to Boulder. From there, things escalated quickly with the help of some bad influences.

Happiest running moment: Pacing my friend, Marcy Servita, at the Headlands 100. Everything that was funny when you were 10 years old becomes funny again late in a 100 mile race 🙂

Proudest running accomplishment: Realizing that I can use 100 mile races as an excuse to visit old friends and family. I’m usually able to rope them into crewing and pacing for me muhaha!

Favorite local running route: Green Mountain with my dog, Summit.

Favorite distance: 100 miles and frequent racing. The trail running community is the best.

Favorite race: The 50 miler in Fruita, CO put on by Gemini Adventures.

If you could lace up your shoes and go for a run anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Hmm…Tor des Geants is appealing.

Goals: To convince people that if you pull the trigger and try something that you think is beyond your ability, you’ll probably pleasantly surprise yourself. I’d also like to see more women and a younger demographic breaking into the 100 mile scene.

When I’m not running I’m… Avoiding real life as an astronomy student. It’s a great gig!

Uphills or Downhills? The only reason I run up is so I get to run down. Uphill is work, downhill is fun.

Favorite post-run beer: Southern Sun — Java Porter, then an FYIPA, then a XXX, etc.

I am a Rocky Mountain Runner because… I, too, am a bad influence on other people’s running decisions.


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