Alfred de Wijn

Currently live in: Boulder, CO

Previously from: Bosch en Duin, the Netherlands

How long have you been a runner? Been running since 2008, give or take, and grudgingly until a friend finally convinced me to go on a trail run with his group in 2010. Been hooked since.

Happiest running moment: Becoming a member of the Rocky Mountain Runners, clearly.

Proudest running accomplishment: No injuries requiring medical attention yet.

Favorite local running route: Anything involving running down the Bear Peak West Ridge.

Favorite distance: I hate all distances equally, just differently.

Favorite race: I hate all races equally, just differently.

Goals: No goals. I graduated from having those at my first road marathon. I try not to get worked up about running. That’s not the point, you see.

When I’m not running I’m… looking at the sun.

Uphills or Downhills? Love the technical downhills.

Favorite post-run beer: If I ran hard enough, almost any beer will do.


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