Manic Mondays at Southern Sun

We started off 2017 with $427 in the slush fund (money left over after paying the bill). At one point we hit $516 in our piggy bank! But by October we were down to -$40. In order to ensure that we’re not coming up short on the bill at the end of the night, here are some guidelines for calculating how much you owe.

A few things to note:

  • All of RMR gets 1 bill. Ryan Smith, Guy Love or Jon Davis are in charge of collecting everyone’s cash.
  • SoSun often provides some appetizers (baskets of fries and/or plates of nachos) for free because they are awesome & love us.
  • We order a few communal pitchers of FYIPA — these are not free. At the end of the night please pay for however many pints you served yourself from the community pitchers.
  • Ciders and some other beers on the menu are more expensive than a pint of FYIPA from the pitcher; throwing in $5 for your gluten-free booze or fancy brew won’t do.
  • Remember to add up any extra cost from substitutions (ex: add $1 if you ask for a fries instead of chips with your burger)
  • Add tax & 18% tip to your total
  • If everyone is short a buck or two and we have 40 people at the pub… you get the idea.
  • Money in the slush fund means we can do fun things like comp beers every once in a while or comp Hundred Mile Burgers, etc. Rounding up earns you good karma points.
FoodPrice+ tax + 18% tip+1 pint of FYIPA from pitcher+2 pints of FYIPA from pitcher+3 pints of FYIPA from pitcher
Special Salad$12.95$16$22$28$33
Date Night Burger$10.50$13$19$25$30
SOB or Junk Burger$9.75$12$18$24$29
Black Bean Burger$8.25$10$16$22$27
Chili Bowl$4.50$6$11$17$23
no food just booze$0$0$6$11$17

If you get a different drink than the communal FYIPA pitcher please add these amounts to your food total:

OtherPrice+ tax + 18% tip
Other beers such as: pint of Primetime Pilsner, Yonder Mountain Oatmeal Stout, Smokescreen Porter$5.50$7
Other beers such as: tulip of Number One Belgian Tripel, snifter of Demon Dryver, pint of Mother Load Imperial Lager$6 - 6.50
bottle of Glider Cider$6.95$9

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