Hell Week

You do not want to do this. This is foolish and will hurt a lot. You will whimper silently to yourself wondering what poor life choices you made to arrive here. Repeat, you do not want to do this.

Still reading. Ok you are clearly an idiot. Let me explain the rules.

Boulder Bad Ass 100-546

This could be you!

There are 5 routes up and down the most popular peaks in the Boulder Skyline. You have 5 days to complete them, Monday thru Friday. You may attempt them in any order and as many times as you like. To be eligible you must complete them over the same period as everyone else. To find out the date of this totally pointless endeavor just show up to any RMR run and ask the stupidest looking person you find. They are sure to know.

Rankings will be listed by ascent time, descent time and overall time. Submissions will only be accepted by links to GPS evidence or showing suitable injuries that you are sure to sustain on this frivolous jaunt.

24.7 miles

11,333ft up – 11,333ft down = 0ft

Hell Week - South Boulder Peak

South Boulder Peak – 7.8 miles, 3228 ft

Hell Week - Bear Peak

Bear Peak – 4.9 miles, 2894ft

Hell Week - Green Mountain

Green Mountain – 4.2 miles, 2435ft


Hell Week - Flagstaff

Flagstaff – 5.4 miles, 1496ft

Hell Week - Mount Sanitas

Mount Sanitas – 2.4 miles, 1280ft



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