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New Girl on the Trails

Do you ever go to those outdoor enthusiast movies? You know the ones where everyone is in flannel and Patagonia gear? The lights dim and some sick electronic song plays while a person either jumps out of a plane, kayaks a crazy river, skis down a steep uncharted slope, or runs a rocky ridge high […]

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IdiotsRunFar: BBA Preview

A run so tough, so hard and so horrible that no one has never heard of it and it won’t qualify you for Hardrock. Born from the twisted mind of a sinister run director, the Boulder Badass is worthy only of the most idiotic competitors. Here’s our analysis of the outrageously stupid field that will be […]

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My Hardrock 100 Graduation

I was not valedictorian of the Hardrock 100 miler. Far from it. Instead, I managed to rank 77th in my graduating class of 123, just a little below average. My mom will tell you that I’m a fast runner, but I just don’t apply myself. The truth is that running doesn’t come easy for me. […]

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Western States 100

Getting there They say in running that the hardest part is getting to the starting line. I am pretty good at making that as hard as possible. Earlier in the spring I had my usual road marathon lined up which I generally like to do because it gives me some structure and focus over the winter […]

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Bighorn 100M

Motivation and minimizing stupid decisions. Simply put, these are the secrets to running 100 miles. Want it. Without a relentless determination to get to the finish line come hell and high water it just ain’t gonna happen. It’s gonna hurt, a lot. You’re gonna suffer, a lot. It’s not a matter of if something will go wrong but when it […]

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