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They say that you need a plan for every race. I decided on my plan for Zegama as I was standing in the crowd of runners lined up under the inflatable starting line arch, after the traditional Basque folkdance that you may have seen on some YouTube videos of the race. My plan was to […]

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Boulder Bad Ass 100

Two things I like : 1. Maps 2. Stupidity As such, The Boulder Bad Ass 100 was designed with two simple goals in mind. 1. Cover as many classic running areas around Boulder as possible 2. Impart as much suffering as possible The Boulder Bad Ass 100 had been jokingly proposed several months prior as a […]

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Pinhoti 100

After Leadville in 2013, I told myself that I would never run 100 miles again. I’m sure this is common for everyone in the hours, days, and sometimes weeks after running 100 miles. I really didn’t consider doing a 100 in 2014 because of an already satisfying race season planned out, but sure enough some […]

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The Zion Traverse

If you tell most people you’re going to run 49 miles they think you’re crazy. One good thing about the friends I have is that they think the crazy part was driving 10 hours both the day before and after running that far. Put it all together and everyone thinks you’re crazy while you have […]

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Zane Grey 50M

My hands were frozen. Alarmingly so in fact. I tried to move my pinky and it wouldn’t respond. I prodded it with the other hand and there was no sensation. The rain had turned into stinging hail now and there was no shelter from the howling winds. Things were definitely getting spicy in the desert! Just […]

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