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Tales from a Turtle

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the movie Legally Blonde close to a million times (and counting!) and can quote most of it by heart. There’s a scene in which Elle Woods hands over her resume to Emmett, her professor’s junior partner at Harvard law. As she walks away he sniffs the pink colored perfumed […]

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Return to the Salzkammergut

“Austria? Cool! How did you find that race?” This was almost always the first question that I was asked when I answered the question: “What are your race plans this year?” Short Version. I love the Austrian Alps and found this race on Google. I knew the area well, having spent lots of time hiking […]

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Hooge’s Bighorn Big Adventure

Abstract: Done right:  I showed up and ran. Done wrong:  Everything else.   The primary reason I came to Bighorn was for the deeply meaningful reason to party with a bunch of 20 & 30 year old studs & studettes, no, really.   The camaraderie and just damn fun which is the Rocky Mountain Runners […]

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