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Tales from a Turtle

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the movie Legally Blonde close to a million times (and counting!) and can quote most of it by heart. There’s a scene in which Elle Woods hands over her resume to Emmett, her professor’s junior partner at Harvard law. As she walks away he sniffs the pink colored perfumed […]

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Dirty Thirty, First Forray With a 50K

Go out too hard, fall down, give up, stop caring, keep running. This was my Dirty30 experience. [here I will forgo the “getting very little sleep before the race and getting up at 3:15AM to drive an hour” pre-race bit] Going into the race I had some very wrong assumptions, the largest of which was […]

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Dirty 30

There are days when things just click. After 3 years of running this race, this year I finally felt like I “got it”. It all started with my favorite pre-race ritual: camping. Ryan and a bunch of RMRs would be volunteering at the 1st & 4th aid station on the course and were allowed to […]

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