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New Girl on the Trails

Do you ever go to those outdoor enthusiast movies? You know the ones where everyone is in flannel and Patagonia gear? The lights dim and some sick electronic song plays while a person either jumps out of a plane, kayaks a crazy river, skis down a steep uncharted slope, or runs a rocky ridge high […]

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Big Horn 100

“Hell no, I would never do that…those people are crazy”.   I think that sums up my feelings after pacing Emily at last year’s Big Horn. I had somehow hallucinated more than Emily, and thinking back on it…I have no memories of the day after the race.     The whole point of that outing for […]

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Bighorn100 race report

The best thing about failing to finish the Bighorn100 is: a) you realize that your love of mountain running does not depend on being a successful mountain racer b) your inescapable tendency towards being overly pompous gets postponed for at least a few more weeks c) you now know one race that will be on […]

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Erin’s First 100 – Bighorn 100

I ran 100 miles… It still sounds so strange to my ears, but I have the buckle, the jacket, the blanket to prove it. After falling apart and dropping at The Gorge Waterfalls 100K I nearly didn’t even start.  If I couldn’t do 62 miles, what was I thinking trying 100 miles 9 weeks later? […]

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