Boulder Bad Ass 100

Welcome to the Boulder Bad Ass 100. A run dreamed up by idiots, for idiots.

This route was born as many great ideas are, in the Southern Sun after one too many pitchers of FYIPA. A long and arduous tour of Boulder, taking in the majority of classic trails and routes, culminating with the notorious Boulder Skyline of Green, Bear and South Boulder Peaks. This is a 105 mile loop with 19,000ft of gain.

Following the inaugural running in 2014 it was decided never again to undertake such a feat of stupidity. You can read more about the inaugural running on this blog post.

Unfortunately you do not pick the Boulder Bad Ass 100. It picks you. And although we had hoped for a swift demise into the bowels of history, it has once again reared it’s ugly stupid head and decided to challenge a group of unlucky souls.

This years unlucky picks should know better. Despite witnessing first hand last years misery, they have decided to accept the BBA100’s invitation and are currently weeping quietly to themselves in anticipation of the forthcoming lunacy.

  • Alberto ‘I should have moved to Switzerland’ Rossi
  • Ryan ‘Please tell me there will be beer’ Lassen
  • Andy ‘I should have finished it last year’ Gisler
  • Jon ‘100 milers are easy’ Davis
  • Guy ‘Why am I on this list’ Love
  • Silke ‘I won’t cry on Flagstaff’ Koester
  • Greg ‘I have a poor memory’ Salvesen
  • Nick ‘How hard can it be….again’ Pedatella
  • John ‘FOMO is real’ Knotts
  • Kerrie ‘Gonna go to a holiday party after this’ Bruxvoort

With a starting time of 10pm on Friday 13th November, they will sure to be off to a bad start! This is a fat ass style event where no one cares if you finish or die trying. The idiots will aim to stick together throughout the weekend. The goal is to survive this thing in time for work on Monday. Their chances are slim.

We will be looking for the usual crew, pacers, back seat drivers, hecklers, internet trolls and all around support in order to see this madness to completion. Our chances are slim but our ambitions are fat. Sign up to either facilitate the idiocy (crew) or enable it (pace) here.

Boulder Bad Ass 100 v3.6

Boulder Bad Ass 100 v3.6

BBA map & estimated timeline

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