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Bighorn 100M

Motivation and minimizing stupid decisions. Simply put, these are the secrets to running 100 miles. Want it. Without a relentless determination to get to the finish line come hell and high water it just ain’t gonna happen. It’s gonna hurt, a lot. You’re gonna suffer, a lot. It’s not a matter of if something will go wrong but when it […]

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Dirty 30

There are days when things just click. After 3 years of running this race, this year I finally felt like I “got it”. It all started with my favorite pre-race ritual: camping. Ryan and a bunch of RMRs would be volunteering at the 1st & 4th aid station on the course and were allowed to […]

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Quad Rock 50M

The only thing you can plan for in an ultra is that nothing will go as planned. The recent Moab Behind The Rocks 56 miler and Zane Grey 50 both proved this. The endurance aspect of ultras is about much more than the distance covered. And the race aspect of ultras is about much more […]

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Bandera 100K

After running Masochist a few months ago, I finally wrapped my head around signing up for my first 100K. With a good dozen 50 milers under my feet, I was ready for the next step. On my 31st birthday in December I signed up for the Bandera 100K. Running 2 miles for every year of […]

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