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My Hardrock 100 Graduation

I was not valedictorian of the Hardrock 100 miler. Far from it. Instead, I managed to rank 77th in my graduating class of 123, just a little below average. My mom will tell you that I’m a fast runner, but I just don’t apply myself. The truth is that running doesn’t come easy for me. […]

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Getting Loopy at the Pickled Feet 48 Hour

If you’ve talked to me in the last six months, you probably know that I read a book about a little-known time in American history when watching people do the “ultra-shuffle” around a track for six days on end was top-notch entertainment. Obsessed with and inspired by this sport of Pedestrianism, I e-mailed the author […]

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Buffalo Run 100 + Zion 100

I won’t keep you in antici…pation. I lost again. Surprise, surprise. March 18, 2014 — Buffalo Run 100: 21:44; lost to 11 people, 66 starters; 49 finishers (74%) April 01, 2014 — Zion 100: 23:33; lost to 13 people; ~190 starters; 116 finishers (~61%) Over beers, I committed to documenting my little project of running […]

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HURT 100 + Rocky Raccoon 100 “Double”

Although I race frequently, this is my first written race report. Like every race I run, I lost to lots of people. These are races afterall, so here are my results: HURT 100 — 30:24; lost to 16 people, 124 starters; 53 finishers (43%) Loop 1 — 5:08, 45th Loop 2 — 5:26, 32nd Loop […]

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