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2018 – My Year of “Fun”

My buddy Cisco routinely makes fun of my absolute unwillingness to have any confidence in my skiing ability (I like to say sometimes what I’m doing could be confused for skiing).  This confidence, or being overly self-critical, carries over into other activities where I usually find myself in the back of the pack. Most group […]

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From Broken Toe to Buckle in 11 weeks

Doctor – “Tell me what happened” Me – “Well, about 8 miles into a race, I punted a rock…well, it didn’t move, I did…and fell hard.  Landed backwards and perpendicular to the trail.  I tried to run it off, but downhills hurt too much.  Figured I could hike uphills, but that hurt worse.  So I […]

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Big Horn 100

“Hell no, I would never do that…those people are crazy”.   I think that sums up my feelings after pacing Emily at last year’s Big Horn. I had somehow hallucinated more than Emily, and thinking back on it…I have no memories of the day after the race.     The whole point of that outing for […]

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