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San Juan Solstice 2015

I can be a mental basket case during races, I just can’t keep my head in the game for long periods of time. Sometimes I’ll have ten seconds of some terrible pop song stuck in my head for hours on end. Or maybe I’ll start composing a race report mid-race: “my downfall began when I […]

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Jemez 50M

Hi, my name is Andy, and before last Saturday I hadn’t finished a race in 54 weeks. I dropped out of two 50 milers and didn’t start two other races last summer because I was (unwilling to acknowledge that I was) injured and (quite painfully) limping. After completely taking off a few months from running […]

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The Zion Traverse

If you tell most people you’re going to run 49 miles they think you’re crazy. One good thing about the friends I have is that they think the crazy part was driving 10 hours both the day before and after running that far. Put it all together and everyone thinks you’re crazy while you have […]

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