IdiotsRunFar: BBA Preview

A run so tough, so hard and so horrible that no one has never heard of it and it won’t qualify you for Hardrock. Born from the twisted mind of a sinister run director, the Boulder Badass is worthy only of the most idiotic competitors. Here’s our analysis of the outrageously stupid field that will be toeing the line.

BBA100 I am an idiot

2014 BBA100 Idiots



AlbertoUnfortunately for Alberto, his plans to move to Europe have been delayed long enough for him to attend this year’s BBA. Although, compared to his experience as BBA aid station captain last year we trust that this year’s run will be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, Alberto fully expects this year’s aid station captain (and 2014 BBA finisher), Ryan Smith, to top last year’s gourmet aid station menus. As long as there’s homemade coconut milk yogurt and a basket of fresh organic mangos we’re sure Alberto will be the fastest one to all the aid stations. UPDATE: BBA Finisher!





AndyAlthough he’s proven himself in many of the toughest mountain races around the country, Andy was forced to an embarrassingly early DNF at the inaugural BBA100 because he was too sleepy. We hope he’s been practicing for this year’s obnoxious start time by enduring all-night gardening and cheese making sessions after long days at the office. Andy is back for redemption. We predict that he’ll not only complete the 2015 BBA but that he will finish in the top 10. UPDATE: 2x DNF





GregGreg, the brainiac of the group, spends his days staring into outer space and calculating the complexities of the universe. However, when it comes to running, his stupidity is as infinite as the black holes he studies. Seriously. Running one 100 miler every month for one full year? Done. Running a 200 miler? Done. Not dumb enough? How about running a 500 miler? Done. Can he get any dumber than that?! How about running a 100 miler just 5 days before the 2015 BBA? Yes, we told you, this guy is really dumb. So dumb that we have no doubts that he will hold on to his ranking as the valedictorian of Idiots, no matter how slowly he must crawl up Fern Canyon during the second night of the BBA. UPDATE: DNF at mile 76 followed by completion of final 15 miles



GuyIt’s a known fact that you don’t choose the Badass, the Badass chooses you. This year, Guy is one of the lucky ones. We’re certain that Guy will wear his preferred croptop ensemble and therefore prove that he is worthy of a Top 10 finish at the BBA. UPDATE: DNF at mile 30







JohnOf all the competitors John has been logging the highest altitude training in the run up to the BBA. We’re confident that his red blood cell count will be up for the challenge as well as his ego which suffered dearly after his DNF at the Bighorn 100 this summer. As a survivor of FOMO, John’s stoke level and commitment to finish the challenge ahead is high. UPDATE: BBA Finisher!







LassenMake no mistake, this is the real Ryan Lassen. As long as there is beer, he will finish the BBA. It’s that simple. UPDATE: BBA Finisher!









JOnIt wasn’t long ago that Jon struggled to keep up with the RMR’s shenanigans. Often underestimated, Jon does best when he harnesses his inner burro and stubbornly sets out to prove everyone wrong. Perhaps not the most experienced or talented runner on the 2015 BBA100 entrant list, but for sure the most committed to this idiocy. Tell him he is expected to finish among the last runners and you will get him really steamed up, which in turn will make him run much faster. As such, we predict him to be DFL. UPDATE: BBA Finisher & DFL!





koesterThere’s no crying in ultrarunning. Too intimidated to complete the final 15 miles last year, a teary-eyed Silke called it quits on the top of Flagstaff Mountain last year. This year, she’s coming back to face her fears and complete the final Skyline section of the course. Along with Kerrie, Silke hopes to become the first female finisher of the BBA, thereby proving that women can be just as dumb as men. UPDATE: 1st woman to finish the BBA!







KerrieKerrie is hands down the runner with the strongest resume in the BBA entrant list, having wins at some of the most competitive races in the country. Just to give you an idea, it often happens that her lovely husband John, a successful athlete himself, introduces himself as “I’m Kerrie’s husband” rather than with his own name. She clearly thought her 70 mile “training” run at the 2014 BBA wasn’t long enough. This year she’s in it for the long haul! We have no doubt that she’ll earn herself one of the coveted BBA finisher’s awards. UPDATE: DNS






NickThe mighty Pedatella has done it all – Hardrock, UTMB, Fat Dog, TdG, set several FKTs and was a top-3 finisher at last year’s BBA100. Along with his reputation for finishing the most grueling of ultras he is well known for getting lost, taking naps and not thinking anything is really all that challenging. How many wrong turns and sleep breaks will it take to finish this year’s BBA 100? Will he finally admit that the course is actually as challenging as it claims? Who knows, but based on his finishing times at Bighorn and Run Rabbit Run this year we can tell he’s been saving his energies for this end-of-year performance. Look for him out front leading the pack of idiots… hopefully not up the wrong trail though! UPDATE: 2x BBA finisher!




Good luck, suckers!


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