Golden Gate Dirty Thirty

The Golden Gate Dirty Thirty is one of the best local races in the Boulder area and as such attracts a lot of runners from Boulder and beyond. This year was no exception and saw a large contingent of green shirts descending on Golden Gate State Park to tackle the 50K or 12M distance, both of which promised some gnarly, steep, beautiful and unrelenting terrain.

If there is one thing that RMR likes more than running, it’s hanging out together, drinking, eating and camping. And so, what perfect way to get around the long drive up the canyon in the morning than to camp out the night before a mile or so away from the shuttle buses.

Dirty Thirty-7

RMR Mobile HQ

Dirty Thirty-10

Marshmallow flavor VFuel gel perhaps?

Dirty Thirty-17

The Craic

Give the proximity of the camp to the shuttle buses we could afford the extra beer or two! Following much fun, conversation, laughing, eating and drinking, the RMR gang turned in for the night to get some much needed beauty sleep. Morning came and soon enough the gang were lined up at the starting line eager to get into the mountains, engage in some therapeutic  suffering and of course some mandatory post race beverages.

Dirty Thirty-18

Some of us actually look like we enjoy this!

Dirty Thirty-21

Smiling because we have short term memories of how much this race hurt last year

Without much fuss the race was underway with a procession of runners making their way up the first climb towards the back side of Windy peak. Dan and Kerrie both took the lead right away setting a formidable pace.

Dirty Thirty-30

If beards and short shorts make you fast then I guess chest hair makes you extra fast

Dirty Thirty-38

Kerrie grabs the reigns early on

Following hot on their heels the procession of green RMR shirts was a beautiful thing to witness. Everyone seemed super happy. Then again this was only mile 0.75.

Dirty Thirty-49

John getting a quick run in before he moves house later that day!

Dirty Thirty-63

Jason stretching the limits of the RMR mens medium.

Dirty Thirty-75

That guy couldn’t walk 6 months ago. Impressive stuff from Mike Randall!

Things soon settled down as RMR  got down to business. And we like our business.

Dirty Thirty-86

Shortly after this Alberto decided to throw in some bonus miles.

Dirty Thirty-119

Andy cruises through the first aid station looking smooth

Dirty Thirty-123

That’s one smiley guy. He must like running.

Dirty Thirty-138

Malory tackling her first Ultra!

As the race went on, the scenery did not disappoint. Aspen groves, ridge lines, steep climbs, rocky descents and of course sweet sweet single track. This race has it all.

Dirty Thirty-162

Evan getting down to business. The business of crushing it.

Dirty Thirty-167

Andy with his game face

Dirty Thirty-169

Business time

Sitting at the finish line and watching the steady progression of finishers is always a great time. RMR had some stellar performances with a win in the 12M mens race for Marty and a closely fought 2nd in both the women’s and men’s 50K race.

Dirty Thirty-205

After leading for much of the day, Dan ran a smart race to finish 2nd

Dirty Thirty-217

Kerrie had a close battle in the final mile to finish 2nd for the second year in a row

Dirty Thirty-213

Hang on a minute, I though this guy was retired! Mike cleaned up the carnage to finish 5th! Welcome back!

Dirty Thirty-226

Ryan finishing his 3rd Dirty Thirty!

Dirty Thirty-233

Another solid race by Evan

Dirty Thirty-236

The Western States duo finishing their last warm up race before the Big Dance

Dirty Thirty-246

Eric getting in some Hardrock training

Dirty Thirty-256

Malory is stocked to finish her first Ultra

Dirty Thirty-242

Climbing, mountain biking, crushing 50K’s, this guy does it all!

Dirty Thirty-287

Jess and Andy finishing together

Dirty Thirty-283

This guy is ready for Western!

What a fantastic day as usual. There really isn’t such a thing as a bad race when you get to run it in such an incredible environment with such a great bunch of people.

Dirty Thirty-268

Running makes us happy!

After all the action was over, the gang hung out at the post race festivities to swap war stories over beers, food and good company!

Dirty Thirty-293


Dirty Thirty-304

Dan taking 2nd place honors and a bonus $100 for the first aid station prime

Dirty Thirty-291

Marty earns a Benjamin for his 12M win


If you want to read more about the race then checkout two of our RMRers personal blogs. Read about Mike Randall’s impressive comeback from a ruptured Achilles tendon at the end of last year in The Road Back – Dirty 30(ish) Race Report . Also, read about Eric Lee’s quest to prepare for the Hardrock 100 in Training & Racing.

If you’ve never run in a club before, you are missing out. I’ve always found that I’ve got the most out of running when I’ve been part of a club. Both in terms of performance but more importantly in terms of happiness. The camaraderie, the laughs, the competition, the pride and above all else the fun. This is what club running is all about. If there isn’t a club near you that works for you, start your own one. You won’t regret it.

Dirty Thirty-312

A few of the RMR contingent. What a blast!

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