Rocky Mountain Runners Partner with the Boulder Track Club

The Rocky Mountain Runners are proud to announce an official partnership with the Boulder Track Club (BTC)! The BTC, led by three-time Olympic marathoner Lee Troop, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together the sport of running and the community. The BTC caters to individuals of all ages, abilities and running preference (Track, XC, Road, Mountain, Ultra or Trail running).  If you have any questions about either club, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Silke Koester, a Boulder Track Club Ambassador and co-founder of Rocky Mountain Runners.


==== Press Release 1/13/14 ====


January 13, 2014


As part of the Boulder Track Club’s coaching and accredited training groups for its members, the BTC is pleased to announce a partnership with the Rocky Mountain Runners organization for M.U.T runners seeking another training group option.

The Rocky Mountain Runners (RMR) is a group of athletes mostly focused on ultra trail running and racing in the Colorado area. They meet regularly in the Boulder area mid-week for runs, social occasions and often travel on weekends to take advantage of the world-class mountain running that Colorado has to offer.

“This partnership was a logical step for the BTC” said Executive Director Lee Troop. “The BTC has a Mountain, Ultra and Trail (M.U.T) training group with Greg Nash but the group is more specific for mountain and trail training and racing. By partnering with the Rocky Mountain Runners, it gives our ultra runners another training group option to use so that they can train more specifically for their events with other ultra runners. Also, just like why we partnered with FastForward Sports, the Rocky Mountain Runners are striving for athletic excellence as well as being community focused and that is in-line with our mission statement and goals” Troop added.

Rocky Mountain Runners co-founder Ryan Smith is excited by the partnership. “Most of us are working towards one goal or another and it makes it easier to train with those that are aiming to do the same events. We love to push ourselves harder, longer, further and we run in whatever weather the day brings us. Above all, running is a social experience and we love nothing better than a casual run, with great friends in great environments.”

The Rocky Mountain Runners already have numerous BTC athletes working between the two groups and they are also very active in the trail running community as runners, pacers, crew and volunteers. This partnership only strengthens both clubs aims and goals athletically, community and socially.

To find out more about the Rocky Mountain Runners and where they train, go to this link:

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