Black Squirrel Half-Marathon

A gaggle of Rocky Mountain Runners headed up north to the trails in Lory State Park (Fort Collins) to run Nick Clark’s Black Squirrel Half Marathon on Saturday Aug 31st. Here are a few shots of our runners on the beautiful (and brutally hot) day!

Adam St. Pierre leads the charge up the first climb:

Black Squirrel Half-8

Black Squirrel Half-20

Mike Grady leads the next pack of men:

Black Squirrel Half-27

Ginna LOVES the uphills despite everything she says to the contrary!

Black Squirrel Half-39

Malory rocks the team Achilles shirt and shows the dude behind her how to have fun!

Black Squirrel Half-48

A train of runners up the first (and only) monster climb of the day:

Black Squirrel Half-58

Back down in the flats, Adam charges ahead on the final mile to the finish:

Black Squirrel Half-107

Grady goofs off instead of running faster 😉

Black Squirrel Half-121

And, Malory, of course still rockin’ the trails like a natural – you’d never know this was her very first trail race!

Black Squirrel Half-137

Post half-marathon festivities included a bit of fun at the Tour de Fat in Fort Collins!

Black Squirrel Half-156

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