Power of Four 50K

The summer is in full swing and the RMR racing schedule is as busy as ever. This weekend Mike Oliva put down a solid pre-Leadville effort down in Durango by winning the Kennebec Mountain Race. Up in Steamboat Springs, Cassie Scallon crushed it to take the top spot in the Mt Werner Classic 50K.

Somewhere in between, in the last race of the weekend, a group of Rocky Mountain Runners signed up last minute for the inaugural Power of Four 50k in Aspen, Colorado. Adding the running race to the already established bike and ski races, this event had a pretty legit elevation profile, chalking up over 9000ft of gain across the namesake four climbs of the day.

Leila, Alberto and Silke have had a pretty busy racing season already this summer with too many races to mention but the lure of a new local(ish) 50K, a point to point course, some big mountains in the middle and a stack of cold hard cash waiting at the end for someone foolish enough to put themselves  through the discomfort of winning was too hard to turn down.

Adding to the RMR contingent were the usual quota of spectators who for no other reason than some sadistic voyeurism, seem to enjoy watching people hurl themselves across great distances, up large mountains all whilst consuming bizarre combinations of food-like products. We are the train spotters of Ultra Running!

6am, another random Sunday morning. Go time.

Power of Four 50K-19

Apparently resting is not in these people’s vocabulary!


This was about the extent of the flat terrain on the course


Awesome people, awesome views. And people ask why we do this…

Power of Four 50K-46

Leila approaches the 2nd aid station in 3rd place

Power of Four 50K-57

As far as bridges go, this one was up there

Power of Four 50K-62

Back seat drivers dishing out some advice. Probably along the lines of “run faster”…

Power of Four 50K-71

Silke holds a 2 min lead at the 3rd aid station shortly before the 3rd climb of the day

Power of Four 50K-81

The chasing pack at mile 15-ish


Leila tries to keep her feet dry

Power of Four 50K-84

Definitely a contender for cushiest spectating spot


Meanwhile, Silke gets on with the day job

Power of Four 50K-114

Boom. 7th place and a solid pre-Leadville warm up for Alberto!

Power of Four 50K-132

Silke snags the win in 5:52:56

Power of Four 50K-141

Leila takes 2nd, only 3 mins 11 seconds later!

Power of Four 50K-147

The top 3.

Power of Four 50K-149

Well done RMR!.

Power of Four 50K-155

The glory!

Power of Four 50K-157

Probably the best medal I’ve seen yet!

Well, that about wrapped up another incredible RMR weekend and I didn’t even mention all the other crazy/fun/awesome non-race runs that everyone else was up to. Just another weekend living the dream here in Boulder, Colorado.

Happy trails!


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