Silver Rush 50M

Another weekend and another batch of amazing performances by Rocky Mountain Runners. This time the destination was Leadville for the Silver Rush 50M, part of the Leadville Race Series. Ryan, Matt, Mike, Leila and Neeraj all put in solid efforts for a satisfying day in true mountain conditions with lots of sunshine, rain and hail!

Leila, fresh off of a 9th place finish at Western States, floated along all day looking in control and confident to finish in 1st place in a new course record of 8:03:26!

Ryan and Neeraj, tagged teamed the first half looking great at the turn around. A solid second half saw Ryan cruise through the line in 8:16:57 for 23rd place. Neeraj, hot on his heels sealed the deal in 8:33:42 for 30th place.

Matt and Mike, also looking great at the half way mark, passed the cheering coral within minutes of each other. Matt, overcame some stomach issues after the turn around and crushed it on the return leg, striding through the line in 8:59:41 for 50th place and a serious improvement for his 50M time since his debut last year! Mike followed through with a great finish in 9:57:24 for 121st place. Not too shabby to round of a 175 mile two week stint. This guy is going to crush it in the Leadville 100! Check out his excellent race recap here.

Congrats to the whole gang!

Silver Rush 50M-7

Silver Rush 50M-16

Silver Rush 50M-34

Silver Rush 50M-53

Silver Rush 50M-61

Silver Rush 50M-68

Silver Rush 50M-71

Silver Rush 50M-76

Silver Rush 50M-82

Silver Rush 50M-88

Silver Rush 50M-95

Silver Rush 50M-100

Silver Rush 50M-118

Silver Rush 50M-123

Silver Rush 50M-141

Silver Rush 50M-150

Silver Rush 50M-151

Silver Rush 50M-157

Silver Rush 50M-161

Silver Rush 50M-168


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