2018 – My Year of “Fun”

My buddy Cisco routinely makes fun of my absolute unwillingness to have any confidence in my skiing ability (I like to say sometimes what I’m doing could be confused for skiing).  This confidence, or being overly self-critical, carries over into other activities where I usually find myself in the back of the pack. Most group […]

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Revisiting the Rim

We ran where yesterday? I’m pretty sure that question was asked several times as we stood on the South Rim at Grandview Point admiring the morning shadows dancing through the Grand Canyon. The previous day 9 of us had set out to complete the famous Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim  (R2R2R) run across the Grand Canyon (and back), and […]

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Tales from a Turtle

If you’re like me, you’ve watched the movie Legally Blonde close to a million times (and counting!) and can quote most of it by heart. There’s a scene in which Elle Woods hands over her resume to Emmett, her professor’s junior partner at Harvard law. As she walks away he sniffs the pink colored perfumed […]

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