San Juan Solstice 50

  The mountains are big here! Driving south along the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, treeless, rocky peaks loomed large. They towered over the town of Lake City, a small mountain hamlet of about 350 people that plays host to what is widely recognized as the hardest and most beautiful 50 mile race in […]

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Jemez 50M

Hi, my name is Andy, and before last Saturday I hadn’t finished a race in 54 weeks. I dropped out of two 50 milers and didn’t start two other races last summer because I was (unwilling to acknowledge that I was) injured and (quite painfully) limping. After completely taking off a few months from running […]

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Thunder Rock 100M

There is something amazing about lining up at the start line and facing the unknown. It’s an especially rewarding feeling that after more than 25 years of being in this sport, there are still things left to attempt. Things that scare you. Things that could defeat you. Things to reward you. The Motivation : Mild curiosity, […]

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